Sequential Take 5 Walnut Panels

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Upgrade your Sequential Take 5 synthesizer with SynthCraft's exquisite custom wood side panels. These retro, handcrafted walnut panels are the perfect way to give your synth a luxurious, vintage-inspired look and feel, while elevating its overall aesthetic. At 3/4 inch thick, these natural wood panels have been hand-treated with multiple coats of tung oil, resulting in a warm, rich tone and an elegant finish.

Crafted from walnut, SynthCraft's side panels are precision-engineered to fit seamlessly with your Sequential Take 5, offering a simple and effective way to customize your instrument. The natural wood grain and hand-finished surface create a unique, retro look that will transport you back to the golden age of analog synthesis, when warm, organic tones were the standard.

Upgrade your Sequential Take 5 into a one-of-a-kind instrument with SynthCraft's custom wood side panels – the perfect blend of classic aesthetics and contemporary artisanal craftsmanship. Order your set of replacement panels today and experience the nostalgia that natural wood can spark in your synthesizer's look and feel, and sound.

Remember, synthesizers sound better with wood. It's science.


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Customer Reviews

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Eli Janney
Amazing transformation

Well built and beautiful, easy to swap out, very happy. A bit loose on one side but easily fixed.

maurizio d.
Beautiful craftmanship!

Very pleased with the look of my Take5 :)

Jeffrey Baker
Sequential Take 5 walnut cheeks

Great craftsmanship. The take 5 is such an amazing piece of equipment and these cheeks elevate it to a new level for me. It’s made me fall in love with it 35% more

Doug Beck
Bought these for my Take 5. Loved them so much I bought The Hydrasynth version too!

These are really beautifuly crafted. What a difference they make on my Take 5 and Hydrasynth. If he made replacement for the Trigon 6 (even though they are already wood!) I'd buy those too as the quality is amazing! Thanks for the wonderful craftmanship!

Jordan Somers
Sequential Take 5 Walnut Panels

I have gotten wooden panels for synths before but these are a cut above. The craftsmanship is top-notch, the wood is high-quality, and the installation was very easy. As a bonus, the seller is nice and communicated quickly answering any questions I had. My Take 5 now looks gorgeous.